short hike to the Bürgerbergalm

A hike to the Bürgerbergalm is always worthwhile. The climb is good to create with 2.4km at 260 vertical meters and is suitable for everyone. Let's start directly in Radstadt. The Bürgerbergstraße is reached in 3 minutes from the holiday home Alpennest. You now have two options. If you prefer lower elevations just follow the road. It will be more exciting for the little ones, if you take the direct route. The entrances are sometimes hard to see, but it's worth it. Pay attention only to the most sturdy footwear.
After the 60-minute hike you will reach the Bürgerbergalm. For the little ones there is a great playground, with the best alpine panorama. Here you can strengthen the gastronomic offer and enjoy the sun.

For a day trip, it is advisable to hike from the Bürgerbergalm to the summit of the Rossbrands. Altogether you expect 900 altitude meters which you should manage in about 3 hours. At the summit of the Rossbrands awaits you the completely newly built Radstädter Hütte.


The food is tidy, nice terrace to relax

Perfect for children

No hard way. Especially suitable for children.

Nice view

Scenic view from the Rossbrand on Radstadt

Low difficulty

The way is not difficult. Follow the road, then it is not so steep. But you can also take the direct route, then it is a bit more exciting.

Florian Seifert
Florian Seifert

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