Round hiking trail Gnadenalm

Hiking fun for the whole family

Nestled between the rugged peaks of the Radstädter Tauern is the natural alpine pasture of the Gnadenalm. Right there offers & #8222; Alles Alm & #8220; an entertaining hiking experience for the whole family: At the ten theme stations of the two-kilometer-long hiking trail, visitors experience true events, curiosities and things worth knowing from everyday life on the alpine pastures, from life with animals and untamed nature.

Action-packed game stations & #8211; Bored children? Not here! The little ones can let off steam to their heart's content, balancing on the oversized wooden rake and scythe and crawling into the groundhog building to visit the marmot family. At the Kuhfleckensprungmeile you can prove their skill: There are two routes & #8211; either the dark or the light cow patch jump plates. On command both players try to reach the target on their jump plates. Who first rings the cowbell at the finish has won. Of course, a rematch must not be missed! Before returning to the starting point, the children can expect a great alpine water playground. Since the kids are just really getting going, because now they are the "kings of the water" and could splashing on forever.

The St. John's Waterfall and what is behind it

If you still have not had enough, you are still on the way to the Johannes waterfall. Over 60 m, the water falls in front of you. To experience the waterfall up close is an overwhelming experience, but what if you can look behind the scenes? If you dare, take the trail that leads behind the waterfall to get a new perspective and maybe even take some great photos.

Radstadt Tourism


There are several cabins to choose from. Try the Kaiserschmarn at the Weissenhof Almhütte

Perfect for children

They go mostly in the Eben. The adventure trail is designed very lovingly for the little ones.

Nice view

The landscape is uniquely beautiful and varied, visit the Johanneswasserfall

Low difficulty

The circular route is not difficult and mostly flat. But there are also demanding tours.

Florian Seifert
Florian Seifert

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